Provide Bottle Water Quality Ice
While Saving Time and Money

  • Help establish a pro-active ice machine safety program
  • Prevents slime build up (bio film) in the cool environment of your ice machine
  • Keeps patrons safe from harmful bacteria responsible for many respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses
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  • Helps prevent low water flow to the ice machine by keeping the water filter open and clear of mold and residue build up

Eliminate Maintenance & Filter Change COsts

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Subscription VS Puchase?

The ice unit is easy to install and maintain, with two different pricing options. Customers that purchase get a 2-year warranty, or put the unit on a monthly subscription for a lifetime warranty!


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • If a unit goes bad, we send a replacement unit, not replacement parts
  • Does not require capital money


  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Capital Expense

Start saving money while providing clean and healthy ice