CleanCore’s™ Aqueous Ozone

Our devices are recognized by the EPA to clean, deodorize, and sanitize.

The Least Toxic Disinfectant on the Market

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Delivering ozonated water capable of maintaining a clean, bacteria free ice machine, as well as producing pure, clear, quality ice.



Sustainability Meets Performance

Pure Aqueous Ozone offers an effective and natural cleaning and deodorizing solution for all-surface cleaning. CleanCore Solutions is committed to innovating new and environmentally safe systems for the cleaning industry.

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Who’s Using CleanCore Solutions?

What is Aqueous Ozone & How Does It Work

CleanCore Solutions™ Aqueous Ozone (AO) technology creates the cleaning industry’s most effective all-natural and chemical free cleaner. AO is the combination of plain tap water and ozone gas.  CleanCore Solutions™ provides an on-demand, easy to use, no rinse application to quickly clean surfaces and remove odors. CleanCore’s™ patented technology creates a cleaning solution that contains a high concentration of dissolved ozone in the form of Nanobubbles.

Ozone molecules (O3) are dissolved into the water

The extra oxygen atom attacks and completely destroys contaminants

Upon complete oxidation the extra oxygen atom disintegrates and only oxgen (O2) is left behind

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