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CleanCore Solutions™ Case Study: Bob Chapman of McMillan Middle School

Meet Bob Chapman of McMillan Middle School in Omaha. A very satisfied client of CleanCore Solutions™.

Health Care Applications

See how CleanCore Solutions™ products are utilized in a Heathcare setting.

CleanCore Solutions™ Case Study: John Nelson of Silverstone Group

Meet John Nelson of Silverstone Group. Silverstone utilizes CleanCore Solutions™ products for the benefit of their employees and clients.

CleanCore Solutions™ Case Study: Corporate Caddie

Corporate Caddie is utilizing CleanCore Solutions™ products to provide superior cleaning services to their clients, create a safer working environment and expand their business.

CleanCore Solutions™ Case Study: Jim Egan of Egan Supply

Jim Egan from Egan Supply in Omaha, NE talks about the success his company selling CleanCore Solutions™ equipment.

Harvard: Bacteria Invade Antibiotics And Transform Into Superbugs

Watch as bacteria become resistant to antibiotics. Credit: Michael Baym, Roy Kishony, Rick Groleau, Tami Lieberman, Rick Groleau, Remy Chait/Harvard Medical School

CleanCore Solutions™ Correctional Facilities

Learn about CleanCore Solutions™ specialized products for correctional facilities.

CleanStables Equine Industry

CleanStables is CleanCore Solutions™ technology for your horses.

CleanStables Testimonial

Listen to what our CleanStables customers have to say.

NuCleanPro Testimonial

Another testimonial from a happy CleanCore Solutions™ customer.

Training Videos

Spotter Preventive Maintenance Tips

Preventive Maintenance Tips to Ensure a Long Useful Life for Your Spotter

Caddy Preventive Maintenance Tips

Follow These Preventive Maintenance Tips For Your Caddy To Ensure The Longest Useful Life

Installing 3.0 fillstation

Tools needed, how to install, and other tips

Cleaning your Caddy

Preventive Maintenance for your Caddy

Restroom Cleaning with Caddy

Short training video on how to clean a restroom using CleanCore Solutions™ Caddy and Aqueous Ozone

Coffee Stain Removal with Aqueous Ozone

Short training video on using CleanCore Solutions™ to remove coffee stains

Opening your New Caddy

A quick overview of what to expect when you get your new CleanCore Solutions™ Caddy

CleanCore Solutions™ TimeLapse

A head to head comparison with traditional cleaning products. CleanCore Solutions™ saves time.

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