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Tips for Using Aqueous Ozone Cleaning Systems

on-site on-demand cleaning

What are called aqueous ozone cleaning systems are starting to make significant inroads in the professional cleaning industry.  One of the initial goals of the manufacturers of these products was to prove to the professional cleaning industry these systems clean effectively, that they can be used for daily cleaning, and that they offer what is now called “on-demand” cleaning, allowing the cleaning worker to use the system whenever needed/wherever needed, without needing to gather supplies from a janitorial closet.

Scores of studies have now been released that prove the cleaning effectiveness and value of these systems.  Further, as cleaning professionals begin to use these systems, they find the manufacturers were correct and the systems are equally suited to handling both daily and on-demand cleaning tasks. [Read More…]

CleanCore™ Technologies’ 3.0 Fill Station

With CleanCore™ Technologies’ 3.0 Fill Station, aqueous ozone is made on-site and on-demand, allowing it to be poured directly into spray bottles, mop buckets, auto scrubbers , and even carpet extractors allowing for true when needed/where needed cleaning.

This wall-mounted system connects quickly and easily to any cold water outlet. Safe for users and the environment, the system has LED “ready” indicator lights; power indicator lights; an hours meter to track usage; and a flow rate of 3 gallons per minute.


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Sustainability Meets Performance

cleancore caddy

Test after test have shown the proven performance of CleanCore Technologies™ aqueous ozone cleaning systems.

But these machines also help promote sustainability.

CleanCore’s aqueous ozone cleaning systems are safe for the environment. They eliminate the need to transport cleaning chemicals, which requires fuel and releases greenhouse gasses, as well as all the packaging materials used to package cleaning products.

And there are no “cradle to grave” issues. Aqueous ozone is safe to make, safe to use, and it evaporates or turns into oxygen after use.


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Aqueous Ozone Timeline

aqueous ozone cleaning

Those attending the recent ISSA tradeshow likely saw aqueous ozone cleaning systems on display. For many, this was the first time they heard of this cleaning technology.

While the use of aqueous ozone for cleaning is relatively new, aqueous ozone is actually an old technology. In fact, it has been used for cleaning in one form or another for more than 100 years.

To bring us up to speed on aqueous ozone, CleanCore Technologies, a leading manufacturer of these systems, provides us with the following aqueous ozone timeline: [Read More…]

Keeping Food Clean and Safe to Eat

Keeping Food Clean and Safe

According to public health officials, there are three primary ways that food in restaurants and food processing facilities can become contaminated and unsafe to consume.  These are:

1. Biological: unhealthy microorganisms in the food
2. Physical: hair, dirt, airborne pollutants that get in the food
3. Chemical: intrusion of cleaning chemicals into the food [Read More…]

Should Housekeepers Clean Without Chemicals?

aqueous ozone cleaning

A hotel chain was looking for ways to reduce cleaning-chemical supply use, minimize supply costs, operate more sustainably, and decrease its overall environmental footprint in its several four-star and five-star hotels. Looking at a variety of options and alternatives to traditional and green cleaning solutions, the hotel chain decided its most viable option was the use of what are called aqueous ozone cleaning systems.

The chain has been using the cleaning systems for all types of cleaning duties, from cleaning guest rooms and bathrooms, public washrooms, and glass to wood and ceramic floors and carpet. While aqueous ozone is not viewed as a disinfectant, at least not in the United States, the hotel chain representatives say they do use aqueous ozone to sanitize surfaces in order to help reduce the number of potentially harmful pathogens on a variety of “high-touch” surfaces. * [Read More…]

Aqueous Ozone: From Cleaning to Sustainability

aqueous ozone cleaning system

Aqueous ozone has a long, well-established, and well-respected history in the food operations industry. Discussing its merits, an article published in this magazine more than 14 years ago reported that aqueous ozone “has been used as a disinfectant in drinking water since 1893, as a food preservative for the cold storage of meats since 1909, and found to prevent the growth of yeast and mold during the storage of fruits in 1939.”1

While aqueous ozone is not suggested or recommended to be used as a replacement for an EPA-registered disinfectant, at least not in the United States, the authors go on to say that “[aqueous] ozone has enjoyed a long history of use and is known as a broad-spectrum biocide against viruses, bacteria, biofilms, fungi and protozoa.” [Read More…]