Sanitizing & Disinfecting Tablets

Simple, Safe and Effective.

Hypochlorous Disinfecting Tablets are EPA registered as a hospital grade disinfectant and sanitizer. HOCl is naturally occurring in our own bodies as part of our immune system. With a neutral pH, HOCl is the least toxic disinfectant on the market.

  • EfferSan’s NADCC tablets are EPA Registered as a disinfectant and Sanitizer ON LIST N
  • Mild, less-irritating solution
  • Proven to disinfect 99.999% of a wide variety of pathogens and viruses including COVID-19
  • Kills mold & mildew
  • Fast dissolving/no foaming
  • No-Rinse Food contact sanitizer
  • Simple, safer & less toxic than quats or chlorine bleach
  • Economical & cost effective
  • Easy shipping, storage & disposal
  • 20% larger tablet than most competitors
  • HMIS ratings are 0,0,0

Effersan, NaDCC, tablets are on the EPA N list due to the Emerging Pathogen Process. The Hypochlorous Acid, HOCl solution made at 1300 ppm FAC will kill Corona Virus in 5 minutes.

Wilcox EVS, a leading microbiology firm has overseen testing of many manufacturers, and has seen that at much lower concentrations COVID-19 can be killed at 2 minutes (500 ppm) or 30 seconds (1000 ppm).

4 gram Tablets:

100 PPM
(Food Contact Sanitizer)
1300 PPM
1 Tab per 3 gallons 1 Tab per Quart
3 Tabs per 10 gallons 4 Tabs per Gallon
12 Tabs per 40 gallons 39 Tabs per 10 Gallon

17.68 gram Tablets:

100 PPM
(Food Contact Sanitizer)
1300 PPM
1 Tab per 15 gallons 1 Tab per Quart
3 Tabs per 40 gallons 3 Tabs per 3 Gallon
11 Tabs per 12 Gallon

Start saving money while providing safe and effective cleaning.