Jan/San – Spotter


The Carpet Spotter provides On-Site, On-Demand carpet spotting without adding harsh chemicals. A Great Deodorizer that leaves no Residue! Wool Safe approved-safe on all carpets. Great for Car Detailing too!

Simple, Safer, and Effective.

Aqueous Ozone converts back to air and water, reducing your carbon footprint. No storage, mixing, transporting, making it safe and simple to use.

    Dimensions 21” L x 9” W x 19” H
    Weight (without water) 48 lbs. (approximate)
    Pump 170 psi AquaTec UL Viton Seals
    CleanCore Solutions™ Flow Rate 1/16 GPM
    CleanCore Solutions™ Concentration 1.0 – 1.5 ppm
    Wand Applicator Pressure 10 psi
    Operator Hose Length 8 feet
    Recovery Hose Length 5′ with 4:1 stretch
    No Fragrance Added
    No Dilution Necessary
    Ready Indicator LED CleanCoreTM Ready for Application
    Capacity Clean Water Tank 2.9 gallons
    Capacity Recovery Tank 2.6 gallons
    Vacuum Lift Standard 82″ Lift/97 CFM/8 AMP
    Hand Tool Acrylic Clear View