Jan/San – 3.0 Fill Station

3.0 Fill Station

The 3.0gpm Wall-Mounted Dispenser provides On-Site, On-Demand cleaning solution. Use CleanCore Solutions wherever you want to clean. Restrooms, hallways, anywhere! Unique, patented technology that combines the natural elements of water and oxygen to deliver a powerful cleaning solution.


    • Lower Cost
    •  Effective & Powerful Cleaner
    •  Safer to Use
    •  Safer for the Environment
Dimensions 6”D x 11” W x 15” H
Weight (without water) 36.0 lbs. (approximate)
Inlet Water Specifications 32-80 psi
Power 120v at 0.5 Amps
CleanCore Solutions™ Concentration 1.0 – 1.5 ppm
CleanCore Solutions™ Flowrate 3.0 GPM
Ready Indicator LED CleanCore Solutions™ Ready for Application
Power Indicator LED Indicates Power is Available
Operator’s Switch ON/OFF Power Controls
Hour Meter Tracks Usage
Volt/Amp Meter