CleanCore Solutions can
safely be used in:

  • Restrooms

  • cafeterias

  • classrooms 

  • Common Spaces

  • Dorm Rooms

It is important to keep campuses clean and to do the best to provide the safest environment for students and faculty. Unfortunately, many traditional chemicals and cleaners are not healthy options.
Unlike most cleaners used in educational facilities, CleanCore Solutions Aqueous Ozone creates a cleaning solution that is not only powerful, it is safe!


  • Synthetic Chemical-Free
  • Powerful Cleaner and Deodorizer
  • Save Time & Labor
  • Produced on site, no bottles/trash
  • Safe for Students and Faculty


Provides an On-Site, On-Demand cleaning solution on board our brand new No Touch cleaning PowerCaddy! Unique, patented technology that combines the natural elements of water and oxygen to deliver a powerful cleaning solution. No storage, mixing or transporting chemicals – making it easier to keep all of your facilities clean.

Provides over 100psi for deep cleaning:

  • New Prime Pump Addition
  • New 1.0 Fill Station Feature
  • New Drain System for the Fresh Water Tank
  • Enhanced Spray Gun to apply Aqueous Ozone to surfaces
    • 0° Spray Tip for High Pressure
    • 40° Fan Tip for Aqueous Ozone
  • Includes a Vac Hose, Wand, Spray Bottle, and optional Carpet Wand is available

CCS 3.0 Fill Station

Mounts on Wall for Easy Access and:

  • Generates on-site, on-demand aqueous ozone cleaning solution
  • Easily fills spray bottle to be used for up to 4 hours of effective cleaning
  • Has a flowrate of 3.0 gallons per minute
  • Never run out of cleaning solution again!

Contact Us to learn about how CleanCore products can provide chemical free cleaning to your school.