CleanCore Solutions™ Sustainability

The positive impact using CleanCore Solutions™ to clean is huge. Our Life Cycle Analysis shows the impact on environmental and human health impacts ranged from 65-97% better than those for conventional chemicals. Results of the Life-Cycle Analysis clearly demonstrate the significant environmental benefits associated with the use of the Caddy. In every category evaluated, the Caddy resulted in a fraction of the overall environmental impacts associated with cleaning using traditional chemicals. Net benefits ranged from 65%-97%.

CleanCore Solutions™ is a user friendly, safer solution that requires no special handling and no inventory. CleanCore™ Solutions can simplify the cleaning process and provide a single cleaning solution to replace multiple traditional chemical cleaners.

  • Using CleanCore Solutions™ will allow for a reduction in storage, ordering, handling, and distributing of cleaning products.
  • Using CleanCore Solutions™ has reduced or eliminated the cost of general cleaning chemicals.
  • Usage eliminates bacterial odors that are present after traditional cleaning – no need to mask with added fragrance.

Using the CleanCore Solutions™ Aqueous Ozone technology for cleaning will reduce your carbon foot print!

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