A Little More About CleanCore Technologies

September 16, 2016 | cleancore | Filed Under: Blog

cleancore 3.0 fillstation

CleanCore™ Technologies, which manufactures aqueous ozone cleaning systems, was started nearly six years ago. The company was first known as Viriditec but changed its name to CleanCore Technologies in 2014.  However, the name Viriditec is still used for the company’s products marketed and sold in Canada.

While CleanCore is nearly six years old, it’s first five years were dedicated to research and development of this no-chemical cleaning technology. The goals were to ensure its effectiveness and making it a practical, reliable, and cost effective system for use in professional cleaning.

The CleanCore system produces “ozonated” water. The ozone turns plain tap water into a powerful cleaning agent. The system does not produce “engineered” or “ionized” water. While these systems can be effective, ozonated water is viewed as a more “natural” cleaning agent because ozone is naturally found in the atmosphere. Essentially the system is just turning ozone into an effective cleaning agent that evaporates after use.

No chemical cleaning is often referred to as “one step beyond green cleaning.” While the goal of green cleaning products is to reduce cleaning’s impact on the environment, the CleanCore system produces no impact on the environment…thus the expression. The ozonated water it produces is perfectly safe to the cleaning worker and surfaces where used, such as counters, floors, walls, fixtures, carpet, etc., and can be disposed of after cleaning by just pouring it down any drain.

The antimicrobial properties of ozone and aqueous ozone have been known for well over a century. Some studies have found ozone to be more than 50 percent more effective than chlorine bleach and similar products used for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. Today ozone is widely used in both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment centers as well as to sanitize drinking water.

CleanCore Technologies is an American company and all parts and components for the equipment are made in the USA. The following is the company’s contact information:

Matt Montag CleanCore Technologies Sales Manager 13714 A Street Omaha, NE 68144 877-860-3030 inquiry@cleancoretech.com