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Why Hotels Should Know About Aqueous Ozone Cleaning Methods

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More than two decades ago, a company that manufactures circuit boards* for use in a variety of electrical products was facing a quandary. To clean their circuit boards, the company was using a solvent that contained ingredients determined to be harmful to the environment. As a result, they were given two years to phase out the use of these solvents. Company management decided they had four possible options to address this situation:

1.    They could simply not clean the circuit boards, a solution referred to as the “no-clean” process.
2.    They could turn to cleaning processes that use nonsolvent cleaning chemicals.
3.    They could use solvents that were not harmful or less harmful for the environment.
4.    They could look into alternative cleaning processes using no chemicals whatsoever.

The manufacturer quickly decided using the so-called no-clean process was not an option. Manufacturing circuit boards sometimes leads to the creation of what are called “solder balls,” which must be removed to prevent short circuits in the product. To remove these necessitates cleaning, meaning the no-clean process was obviously not a viable option. [Read More…]

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Aqueous Ozone Cleans Carpet!

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Carpet Cleaning Professionals using Aqueous Ozone to effectively clean and deodorize carpets. Several carpet cleaning technicians have been asking for more information on aqueous ozone carpet cleaning. Some requested clarification of what aqueous ozone is, what its history is, how it’s made, how safe it is, and what type of equipment is involved. Behind all of the questions was the same theme: technicians are looking for new ways to clean carpets faster and more effectively. Click Here to read article